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Brother 2430-PC for Mac OS X

I just got a really good deal on a Brother P-Touch 2430-PC. Problem is, I only have Macs, and the supplied driver is Windows only. I wrongly assumed they would have a Mac driver on their website. That is, on the USA website. Doing some digging, I found they actually do support the Mac and quite well. You just can't find copies of their software on an English site. You might be thinking, "Isn't the software also in Japanese?" And that would be a fair question, but no, the software is localized (the software has translations) in English.

Now where can you get it? You could do what I did and use Google Translate, or you can just use the following links:

You'll need both of those. One is the driver, and the other is the label maker designer. Best of all, it works on Mountain Lion (10.8)!


  • Nick Richard Kravas

    I can't seem to get my printer to print I am using OS 10.10.3 any suggestions. Thanks Rick Kravas
  • axel

    hey, just maybe found t solution... still have to try it out though, but I hope It'll help us out!! just wanted 2 share already with you!!
  • axel

    seems Brother doesn't like us to hack their little p-Touch 2430 to have it working on MAC... 1st file has gone... if any1 could help me to it, thanks!!!!
  • Dave Toft

    Having same problem as Max. File not found on the first file. 2nd file downloads fine , but won`t work without the first driver file.
  • Max

    attempted to download both files, the first is "file not found". can you advise if there is an update?
  • Luna

    Wanted to drop a line and thank you profusely. This has helped me twice now--once after purchase, and again just now after migrating to a new Mac. Thanks very much!
  • cheapscotchron

    Dude, Awesome! Works flawlessly on 10.6.8. Thanks. Next round is on me. Best, Captain "cheap scotch" Ron
  • Udo Limberg

    Thank You for your hard investigations. I was hardly on to throw it into the bin.
  • Max Schwanekamp

    Thanks for posting this, and thanks to Victor Hooi for the updated editor link! I recently migrated to a new Mac, and discovered I had to reinstall the driver for this. (The *only* driver I had to install, in fact). I've been using my 2430-PC for a couple years now, first on Lion, then Mt Lion, and now on Mavericks. Still going strong.
  • Victor Hooi

    Hi, Just an update - the latest files (as of November 2013) are: (same as above) (Updated). Cheers, Victor
  • Philippe LI

    Thank you very much. It works fine. No need now to keep a Windows VM just for the labeling printer.
  • Andreas Billmeier

    Thank you very much! I just ordered a 2430PC.
  • Paul Silverman

    I found the second link listed worked for me on Mountain Lion 8.5. I use Parallels desktop to run quickbooks for windows as it is still more robust than the mac version. Still, I find waiting for Windows to boot up just to print a label frustrating. (I also have Parkinson's disease, so every extra moment I have to spend at the computer is painful) This worked like a charm. Thanks for posting the link.
  • Trent Foley

    I'm an old grumpy man in a particularly bad mood because I can't use my new label printer with my mac! After angrily banging away at my keyboard, google reluctantly points me to your site. You look like such a nice young man in your picture, all healthy, happy, snappy hair cut. You've got a cool name and I want to make fun of you and call you names and just generally be mean in a 'get off my lawn' kind of way, but you pointed me to the exact software I needed. Damn. Well, I guess I'll just have to say, "Thanks!" Geez... some people
  • Lupus

    Great! Runs perfect on 10.8.5! Thank you so much, Hunter! PS: I really do not understand why it cannot be found on brothers website! That is an extreme insolence!
  • Perry

    Hunter, Thanks for making it so easy!
  • Jerry H

    Thank you it worked on Mountain Lion 10.8.5 I install the driver, selected the E mode, disconnected the power on the PT-2430 and plugged it back on and pressed the power button and it worked. I hope this helps any one else.
  • Lynn V

    Hi Guys. This didn't work for me. I'm running 10.8.4 and it says Install successful but I can't find it anywhere. Help!
  • Chris M

    This worked for me on OSX 10.8.4 and the Brother P-touch PT-2430PC. Thanks very much for posting this. I installed the smaller download first, the driver, then the Editor. No reboot needed for me but you may have to reboot as one commenter stated.
  • steve

    Hey. I installed the editor software no problem but the printer software doesnt seem to work as the printer isnt shown on the screen?
  • Christopher Morgan

    Great advice; thanks for posting. Worked like a charm.
  • biikemike

    2nd attempt DL worked thanks again. Also I found v.5.0.3 on the japsite, works great under 10.8 also. P-touch Editor's 'check for updates' only goes to... Brother.
  • bikemike

    The Pem DL is stuck and when it did finish suddenly my 10.8 didn't recognize and wouldn't open it. The Pd installed fine. Thanks, by the way!!! You rock!!!
  • Margot

    Thanks for posting this! I recently upgraded to a Mac and was heartbroken when I thought I could not use my P-Touch on it. I downloaded and installed the software and driver and it works perfectly!!! Thanks again!!! :)
  • Cuyx Raymond

    software voor mac p-toch 2430 PC
  • Carlos Alvarez

    John, thanks for the link to the driver, it worked! One comment that you may want to add to your how-to info: I had to reboot the computer. I installed the driver and you still couldn't add the printer in Print & Scan, while the editor software said it couldn't find a compatible printer. It was auto-installed after a reboot.
  • John Barrett

    using these references, you were able to get a P-touch PT-2430PC up and running on a Mac?